What You Might Not Know to Look for at an Open House

What You Might Not Know to Look for at an Open House

Are you looking to buy a new house in Tomball? Tomball, Texas, is home to some beautiful camping grounds, hiking trails, unique shops, and entertainment venues. You definitely won’t regret moving to this charming town in Harris County. Here is everything you need to know about what to look for when attending open houses on the Tomball, TX, real estate scene.

Any sign of damage or neglect

First, you need to search for any obvious signs of neglect or damage when touring the open house. Carefully look at all of the baseboards, particularly those in the basement. Note any signs of warping or staining, as this can mean that the pipes have flooded or burst in the past. Open up all of the cabinets under the bathroom and kitchen sinks to search for any small black spots on the wall, as this indicates the presence of mold. Look at the exposed pipes and check for signs of rusting or leaking.

Discreetly lift up any rugs to check for damage to the hardwood floors. Carefully search the windows and look for signs of leaking there as well. Open and close the windows and doors. If the doors or windows are difficult to open, this can be a sign of foundation issues. Also, look at the ceiling cracks. More significant cracks often indicate foundation issues, while small cracks are relatively normal.

Make sure to take pictures of any damage you see as you walk through the open house, as you might want to reference the photos later when deciding whether or not to make an offer.

The neighborhood

Your potential future neighbors are another important factor to consider when touring the open house. Pay attention to the homes on either side of you as well as the properties that border your backyard. Consider how well these neighbors maintain their yard and home and whether or not there are any barking pets outside or other distracting noises.

Take a walk around the neighborhood to get a feel for the area and talk to a few of the neighbors. Ask the neighbors what they like about living there and how they feel about the neighborhood. You will probably uncover some info you would never have known otherwise by speaking to current residents and getting their points of view.

Closet space

Closet space is a crucial factor to consider when touring the Tomball home. You might not initially view closet space as a must-have, but you might think otherwise once you’re actually living in your new house. Unless you are willing to downsize your belongings, you probably need a house with plenty of storage space.

Keep in mind that older homes tend to have less pantry space and fewer closets. Make sure to count all of the closets and actually measure the amount of shelf space before you make an offer on the home.


Look through every single window as you walk through the open house to gauge how much privacy you will have in your new home. Is there plenty of distance between you and your neighbors, or will they be able to see you, your family, and all of your belongings through the windows? A lack of privacy might not be a dealbreaker for you at first, but you might change your mind as time goes on. Truly consider what you can and can’t tolerate when it comes to privacy before you make an offer.

Natural airflow

Take a careful look at how everything in the house is laid out. For instance, check if the windows and doors are positioned so you can easily open them all up when it’s warm out and take advantage of the breeze.

The natural airflow of the home is not something that potential buyers usually consider. That being said, it’s important to keep in mind that opening up your windows can actually reduce your utility bills. Good natural airflow can also keep the moisture moving through your home and decrease any allergies.

Too much fragrance

Too much fragrance in a home during an open house can actually be a red flag. If you notice that the house smells strongly of cleaning products or air fresheners, this could be a sign that the homeowner is attempting to hide the smell of mildew, mold, cigarette smoke, or pet accidents.

If you do make a note of any strong smells in the home, take a look at the ceilings and floors to check for any carpet stains from accidents or discoloration on the ceilings and walls from a leaky roof or smoking.

Recent renovations

Homes with updated bathrooms or brand new kitchens can certainly be attractive to home buyers. That being said, it’s crucial to take a careful look at any recent renovations in a home. Some homeowners might choose to go with budget contractors or cut corners. These renovations might look amazing on the surface during an open house, but a cheap renovation can end up causing serious issues after you buy the home and move in.

If you notice recent renovations and choose to make an offer, hire a structural engineer or home inspector to carefully review every inch of the house. The inspector will be able to spot a poorly done renovation right away.

Unfinished construction

You might also find that some parts of the home aren’t even finished yet. If you walk into the basement and find that there are open wires running through the ceiling studs and the drywall is stacked in the corner, this is a huge red flag. Some banks won’t even loan money for homes with unfinished construction. Before you move forward, find out why the seller was willing to hold the open house before the construction was completed.

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