Step 1: Set a Competitive Price 


There is an art to pricing. At the Haley Garcia Group, we use our proven pricing methodology to command the best price for your home. Our team will conduct a thorough walkthrough of your home to analyze its condition and features. From there, we’ll develop a comparative market analysis of recently sold homes in your area and provide an honest evaluation of what your home is actually worth. 


Step 2: Make Home Improvements & Repairs 


After the walkthrough, we’ll provide our recommendations for updates and repairs needed before listing and showing your property. Here are a few tips to follow when making home improvements: 

  • Be proactive and get a pre-inspection 

Stay ahead of the curve by hiring a home inspector to identify any serious issues that could deter buyers from purchasing your home. Major issues like problems with electrical or plumbing systems can raise red flags for potential buyers. Getting a pre-inspection prevents any surprises and affords you the time to make any mandatory repairs and speeds up the closing process. 

  • Consider updating your home 

Whether you enlist a professional to renovate your property or put in your own sweat equity, remodeling efforts can make all the difference and net huge profits. Our recommendations are based on our insights into what buyers love so you can maximize returns on your investments. 

  • Invest in curb appeal 

First impressions are lasting, so we advise you to make the exterior of your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers. Spruce up your landscaping with a bed of beautiful flowers or repaint your mailbox with a color that pops. You’d be surprised by how far these small tweaks can go!


Step 3: Stage Your Home


This is a critical step in preparing your home for sale. First impressions are lasting, so you’ll want to put your best foot forward when showcasing your home to potential buyers. Tidy up and clear out any clutter to make your home more visually appealing. Depersonalize the space as much as possible by tucking away things like family photos or other personal belongings. This helps buyers to form an emotional attachment and envision your property as a place they can call home.  

You can take a DIY approach or we’ll provide professional staging as needed to spruce up your home decor, rearrange furniture and maximize the presentation of your home’s layout. Once staging is complete, we’ll provide high resolution photography and/or videography to market your home in the best light in our listings.


Step 4: Schedule Open Houses & Showings


After we’ve officially listed your home, we’ll arrange open houses and schedule private showings for potential buyers. 

This is your time to relax! Our team will conduct all open houses and showings. We recommend that you leave before ech showing to give buyers the freedom to look around comfortably. We’ll share our feedback with you on a weekly basis.


Step 5: Provide a Seller’s Disclosure


At this stage, you’ll provide the buyer with a seller’s disclosure that describes the condition of your home. This written statement includes details like electrical or plumbing repairs, HOA information, potential hazards, water damage, etc. For more information on what you’re legally required to disclose per Texas law, click here


Step 6: Choose an Offer


Your house is a hot commodity and the offers are pouring in! Together, we’ll evaluate each competing offer to compare factors like pricing and contingencies. Afterward, we’ll discuss negotiation strategies to help you choose the right buyer for your home.


Step 7: Sign the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) 


You’ve accepted the best offer for your home and now it’s time to sign a sales and purchase agreement. This is basically a legal contract that outlines your terms and conditions along with those of the buyer. The negotiation process begins at this stage and ends once both parties have comfortably reached a mutual agreement. 

At this point, the buyer will make an earnest money deposit toward your property that will go into an escrow account. Yippee!  


Step 8: Prepare for the Home Inspection 


After the buyer has made the earnest deposit, they’ll more than likely schedule a home inspection to evaluate the overall condition of your home. 

What do home inspectors look for? Home inspectors look for significant repairs and  safety issues that can cause potential problems in the future. However, a pre-inspection will have sussed out any major pitfalls prior to this stage.


Step 9: Get Ready for the Appraisal 


Oftentimes, a lender will require the buyer to get an appraisal of your home. If this is contractually necessary, we will provide the appraiser with all pertinent property data. The appraiser will then review your home’s sale history and analyze recent sale prices of comparable homes in the area to provide the buyer with a separate valuation of your home.


Step 10: Close the Deal


Congratulations, you’ve officially sold your home! While the team handles all behind-the-scenes closing procedures like [x and y], you and I will review and approve all final financials to make sure everything looks good. After you’ve vacated the property, the closing will take place and you’ll receive all net proceeds from the sale. 

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