Tomball Real Estate Market

Tomball Real Estate Market

Tomball is a charming city located on the northern outskirts of Houston. It has many amenities and things to do that have made the town a unique place to live. Being close to Houston makes it easy to commute to any city amenities if necessary, but it also provides a quiet home away from the city noise. When searching for Tomball homes for sale, consider expert Haley Garcia as the realtor for all your real estate needs.


Tomball is an independent city that sits about 32 miles northwest of downtown Houston. Tomball, TX, real estate is highly desired by those who work in Houston and want to live away from the city center. With a small-town feel, Tomball is an inviting community with a strong sense of history. The downtown district features antiques stores and boutiques, while many of today's modern comforts can be found just minutes away thanks to newer shopping centers like The Shops at Tomball Parkway and The Marketplace at England Airpark.

The commute to downtown Houston is just under an hour, which allows Tomball residents to easily visit the big city. Being outside the metropolitan area gives homes in Tomball a quiet and peaceful aura. Additionally, the town has access to great schools, some in Tomball and some closer to the Houston metropolitan area. This makes it a popular place for single-resident homes or homes with families. Weather here is usually warm, the coolest months being around fall in October and winter in January and February. However, most of the year in Tomball, warm weather with hot summers is great for residents looking for milder temperatures.

What is unique about Tomball

Named after the local congressman, Tomball is home to many unique attractions and amenities. Since it is an older town founded in the early 19th century, houses in Tomball have beautiful historic architecture unique to the town. There are many parks here, including Spring Creek Park, Burroughs Park, and Jerry Matheson Park. Parks offer hiking and biking trails, swimming, fishing, and more. There are also many museums in town, including the Tomball Railroad Depot museum and the Tomball Museums Center, where several restored historic buildings sit. There are many great restaurants that residents can enjoy, as well. Barbecue and Mexican food are particularly popular in the area, making it easy to find authentic and fresh foods. Some of the resident’s favorite restaurants include:

  • Bigotes Street Tacos, where you can find fresh ingredients and authentic Mexican tacos.
  • Craft Grill has delicious American cuisine dishes, including burgers, steaks, salads, and plates of seafood. Their drink menu can vary seasonally but always includes delicious cocktails for guests to try.
  • Tomball’s barbecue spot is The Original Rib Tickler. The restaurant has salads, seafood, and wraps, however, they are famous for their briskets, ribs, and pulled pork options.
  • Wholly Crepe is a unique Russian bistro in town. They offer all sorts of crepes, from sweet to savory. Sweet menu items include crepes with fresh fruit, whipped cream and lemon, Nutella, caramelized apples, and more. Savory menu items include cheeses, scrambled eggs, beef, fish, chicken, and more. The restaurant even offers a build-your-own option for their guests. 

The housing market

The housing market in Tomball is very competitive. The Tomball real estate market has been heating up in recent years and is only expected to get hotter. With so many people moving into the area and owning their own homes, there is a high demand for residential properties in Tomball that continue to appreciate in value. To stay ahead of the game, you will want to find out what is happening on the market before making any big investments, such as buying a new home or selling yours.

Homes in Tomball tend to spend 58 days on the market, according to median statistics. If you are looking to sell your Tomball property, be sure to speak with a real estate agent about the right time to sell or anything you can do to add value to your home. Since Tomball is a popular spot to move, your home will likely sell quickly and be off the market within a few months; however, the competition for homes for sale is high since there are many other properties on the market. Speak to your real estate agent about buying or selling property in Tomball.

The median value of homes

Homes can have ranch-style qualities or several stories both with large yards for ample space. Because of the popular location and architecture, these homes are highly sought after.  $357,000 is the average price for homes for sale in Tomball, while the average size is 1,227 sqft. If you are looking to sell your home, you will not have trouble doing so, while buyers will have ample options and variations to choose from for their future homes. Be sure to discuss with a real estate agent who is an expert on the competitive housing market of Tomball.

Ready to move to Tomball?

Tomball is the perfect spot you have been looking for. It is located conveniently just outside the big city, providing a peaceful getaway from any city noise. It is also located close enough that the commute to downtown is easily accessible. The weather stays warm all year, making this a great spot for those looking to avoid areas with harsh winters. There are many amenities and things to do in Tomball. The town has several green spaces, parks, and museums unique to the city. Since the city is historic, the buildings here have beautiful historic architecture.

The housing market in Tomball is competitive since it makes a great place to live. There is a high demand for residential housing in this beautiful town. If you are interested in buying property in Tomball or if you already own property but are wanting to sell, contact Haley Garcia to discuss how we can help you find the best new homes in Tomball, Texas.

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