Paralyzed with Uncertainty or Eager for Change:  Let's Take a Deep Dive into Liminal Space


Paralyzed with Uncertainty or Eager for Change:  Let's Take a Deep Dive into Liminal Space
Have you ever been at a place in life that feels so uncertain you aren't sure how to move forward? I was having a conversation the other day with a wise friend and he shared an interesting metaphor. He said that having uncertainty feels like you're on a bridge. You don't necessarily want to go back because you've already been there and you took a step onto the bridge for a reason. Yet crossing the bridge onto the other side into the unknown can be paralyzing IF we allow it to be. This is called liminal space.

Being in a liminal space in life can have a significant impact on our emotions. Here are some ways that this transitional period can affect our emotional state from a negative and positive perspective:

Uncertainty: Liminal space is characterized by ambiguity and uncertainty, which can lead to feelings of anxiety and stress. Not knowing what the future holds can be overwhelming and can make us feel powerless.

Loss: Liminal space often involves letting go of old identities or ways of being, which can lead to feelings of grief or loss. This could be leaving a job or ending a relationship, for example.

Discomfort: Liminal space can be uncomfortable because we are in a state of transition and haven't yet arrived at our destination. This discomfort can manifest as restlessness, frustration, or impatience.

Possibility: Despite the challenges of liminal space, it can also be a time of opportunity and growth. We have the chance to explore new possibilities and try out different ways of being, which can be exciting and energizing.

Hope: Liminal space can also be a time of hope and optimism. We may not know exactly what the future holds, but we can believe that good things are possible and that we have the resilience and strength to navigate whatever comes our way. This comes from reflection of all the things in life we have moved through thus far proving to ourselves how capable we are.

Overall, being in a liminal space in life can be emotionally challenging, but it can also be a time of possibility and growth. By acknowledging and accepting our emotions, we can better navigate this transitional period and emerge stronger and more resilient on the other side. We also allow ourselves to step into limitless possibilities we aren't even aware of yet.

As we all navigate identity shifts, career changes, relationships that evolve, children that grow up and grief of losing loved ones...I hope you find the light of possibility and growth as you cross the bridge into the next chapter. 
-Haley Garcia

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