Dancing Through Life

Dancing Through Life

As I prepare for The Woodlands Dancing with the Stars on behalf of our YMCA  I have come to realize a few things. Dancing and commitments in life share some similarities. 

  1. Practice makes perfect: Just like dancing, commitments require practice and effort to get right. You need to invest time and energy into your commitments to ensure that you fulfill them to the best of your ability. I was told by my instructor that if I do not fully commit to the step I will never master the flow. The same goes for life. 

  2. Stepping out of your comfort zone: Dancing often involves learning new moves or trying out different styles. Similarly, commitments may require you to step out of your comfort zone and take on new challenges that you may not be familiar with. We all know our brain is constantly battling us to remain the same and to never step out of our comfort zone. This too can be felt when dancing. 

  3. Consistency is key: Dancing requires consistency in practicing and refining your moves. Similarly, commitments require you to be consistent in your efforts to meet your responsibilities and obligations. Consistency is truly the key to success in all things. 

  4. Trust and communication: When dancing with a partner, trust and communication are essential to ensure that you move in sync with each other. In the same way, commitments often involve working with others and require trust and effective communication to achieve shared goals. We know this is true for personal relationships as well as within a professional environment with our colleagues and teams. 

  5. Embracing the journey: Dancing is not just about reaching the end goal of a performance, but also about enjoying the journey and the process of learning and improving. Similarly, commitments are not just about achieving a specific outcome, but also about enjoying the process of growth and personal development that comes with fulfilling your responsibilities.

Overall, dancing can be seen as a metaphor for commitments in life, as both require practice, stepping out of your comfort zone, consistency, trust and communication, and a focus on the journey rather than just the end goal. 

So my friends embrace the journey...and dance a little! 


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