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Jen Ryan

Director of Growth

What My Clients Say
The Haley Garcia Group members were efficient facilitators and guides in all aspects and details of the sale of my home. They were so kind and compassionately responsive to all of my questions, fears, and needs from day one to closing. It was the best experience I could have hoped for! Thank you, Haley and Jen, from the bottom of my heart.

— Carol L

What My Clients Say
I got a glimpse into Haley's character during my first phone conversation with her. I was impressed with her experience and knowledge of the real estate market and the local area. I could tell right away that she was a straight shooter and a go getter. She also mentioned that she had just gotten back from a meditation retreat. I believe professionals who nourish their mind, body and spirit have more ener...

— Jerri C. | Seller

What My Clients Say
Haley Garcia group sold my property in 3 days! They got me a great price and efficiently handled every aspect of the sale and the closing. They are currently handling all my pro properties. And any future purchases or sales will be done through the Haley Garcia group.

— Helene E.

What My Clients Say
We have had the pleasure of working with Haley Garcia and her group for nearly two decades. She is aggressive, in the nicest possible way. She is a great communicator. And she gets the job done! We have bought and sold several houses and rental homes with her throughout Montgomery County and have never been disappointed. Her pricing is spot on. Her connections make sales happen! Her staff is helpful and ...

— Cathy H.

What My Clients Say
The Haley Garcia Group is driven by excellence and total professionalism. Their tenacity and experience got our home under contract within 5 days while comparable properties sat on the market for months. In this economy, getting the right team on your side is paramount. We are blessed to have had Haley's team on ours.

— Jo & Sasha | Seller

What My Clients Say
Selling my home with the Haley Garcia Group was overall a great experience. Haley Garcia is very knowledgeable about the market and where to price the home correctly. Everything was clearly explained and executed well. The rest of the Haley Garcia Group staff were wonderful. I was kept informed every step of the way. I would definitely recommend the Haley Garcia Group to family and friends in need of a g...

— Lynn B.

What My Clients Say
The Haley Garcia Group assisted us with purchasing and selling all in the same month. That alone should have been stressful, but with Haley it was smooth. Her knowledge of the market is unsurpassed and clear consistent communication was amazing. Someone from her office actually checked in every day just to make sure we didn’t have any questions or concerns. A five-star rating wouldn’t be enough to fully ...

— Steve & Lisa

What My Clients Say
Haley Garcia and her team were fantastic. They helped us through the entire process and made sure all our questions were answered in a very professional manner. Highly recommend!

— Jim & Julie

What My Clients Say
Haley and her team of incredible professionals have made our multiple journeys through her office an amazing experience each time. Their follow-up, attention to detail and experience in their field outshine all other. Haley goes above and beyond in her dealings with clients and we would highly recommend she and her team as they will definitely exceed your expectations.

— Jimmy & Cathy | Seller

What My Clients Say
Haley and her team are very professional, and thorough, and make things so simple. I wasn’t concerned throughout the whole process. They were also prompt to respond and always available to answer questions and resolve issues. Haley handled the hard parts of selling a home (deciding on a price, negotiating, and dealing with buyers' agents). Her team was great. Always reliable and thorough from start to fi...

— Susan

What My Clients Say
Working with Haley and her team was such a pleasure! We sold two houses with her in the past 7 months. The first one sold in 3 days and the second actually sold before it went on the market! That was just the icing on the cake, however. Haley’s whole organization was so professional; they were responsive, available, efficient, knowledgeable, and friendly, truly a dream to work with! In addition, she has ...

— John O.

What My Clients Say
From the initial meeting with Haley to the closing, everyone in the Haley Garcia Group was accessible, responsive snd had a plan to address any issues. We were traveling when the house went on the market and when the offers came in and took care of anything that came up. They have an excellent process that produces great results.

— Marie M. | Seller

What My Clients Say
We had a very wonderful experience with the Haley Garcia Group. They were helpful from the first meeting with us and took the time to explain the procedure of listing our home. They would contact us several times throughout the week to inform us of what needed to take place for listing our home. During the listing, they continued to let us know almost daily how the process was going. They have a very pro...

— Greg V.

What My Clients Say
The Haley Garcia Group handled everything. We sold the house in a month. It took longer to clean the house out (put things in a pod). Her group took care of everything and kept us in the loop during every step. We have bought and sold 5 other homes in The Woodlands and none of them have ever gone this well. Haley priced the home perfectly. The house sold in 2 days and we had 2 offers. We probably could h...

— Chris & Kara

What My Clients Say
First-class and top-notch team. I dealt with Haley and Jen primarily and had a fantastic experience from listing to closing. I received emails and texts to touch base along the way. I needed that for my peace of mind to ensure where things stood through the process and that all checkpoints were met. Any and all questions were answered and they were knowledgeable and accommodating. Need a Realtor® in The ...

— Nicole B.

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